Privacy Policy

Determining how well a website functions without collecting data is hard. And, although you will stop reading at this point, it's necessary by terms of agreement to disclose a policy that explains what data is collected from you and how that information is used.

Pages on this site that do not provide a link to this policy collect or store no data whatsoever.

Collecting Information


These cookies aren't edible, but they are usually used for communication between your computer and the server. They are stored locally on your hard drive as text files for future reference by your web browser and provide additional information to the server. This could, for example, allow servers to return customized results. This website does not store cookies, although third party vendors could. You can disable cookies in your browser's settings.

To view what cookies are stored on your device, in Chrome go to:

Drop down menu > Settings > Advanced settings > Privacy > Cookies

In Firefox cookies can be managed at:

Drop down menu > Preferences > Privacy > History

Statistical Data

This website may collect demographic, browser, and operating system related data through Google Analytics. This information is not personal and might be useful for diagnosing potential issues. To opt out of Analytics, install Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, which prevents the analytics script from sending statistical data.

Using Information

Personal Information

This website does not sell or distribute information you provide on this site.

Statistical Data

Information collected through analytics is used to evaluate potential issues or the overall usefulness of this site. For example, if a certain threshold of traffic is mobile, then more attention should go towards the mobile version of this site. Statistical data is not distributed.

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